Narach Website Development and Design


In today's time and age almost everyone seems to have a presence on the internet through blogs, social networking sites, business networking sites, social book marking sites, and personal or professional one page websites, amongst others. At some stage you may decide to move on with and through the creation of your own website; it is then that you would be required to consider the various options available to you with regard to website editing and design software amongst other allied programs and web services.

The Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe GoLive would be amongst the best software you could choose from; and would largely depend on how much you can afford to buy the selected software and other budgetary considerations.

The Adobe Dreamweaver is probably the best website editing and design software available in the market. At first, this software could be quite intimidating and you would probably have to read suitable books to enable you to utilize this software efficiently.

As long as you do not get overwhelmed by the flash and perl options, you would find that this software supports Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) and you may if required integrate most other Macromedia products seamlessly into your website. Further, this software provides for the design view, the code view and a combination of the two through the split view of your website or webpage under development.

This software would take some time to learn, but would be worth the effort at a later stage of the development of your website. It would be the first choice for professional website designers.

The Microsoft FrontPage is for those of you who enjoy working with Microsoft Office programs like Microsoft Word. It has an interface quite similar to the one found at Microsoft Word; and offers website editing and design options and tools quite similar to Adobe Dreamweaver. It also offers Cascade Style Sheets along with the various view options (design, code and split). This would be quite suitable for small business and home or school project application; but with a better understanding of the resources available through this program you would be able to develop a website and web presence with an appropriate level of professionalism.

The latest website editing and design software being offered by Microsoft would be the Expression Web 2 software and allied software in this series like Expression Blend. You would find the prices to be quite cost effective when you are looking for the upgrade version of this software. As long as you are utilizing licensed Microsoft software (that is Windows and Microsoft Office) and programs, you would qualify for this upgrade.

The Adobe GoLive software is quite like the Adobe Dreamweaver software, with a similar format. It also integrates with all other Adobe products; but would draw upon your time to learn the ropes of how to effectively utilize this resource. It is a tool of some consequence if you are serious about the development of your website.

Other Adobe programs and software would include Macromedia Fireworks, macromedia Flash Pro 8, Macromedia Contribute, Macromedia FlashPlayer, Adobe Creative Suite 2.0, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Version Cue.

You would appreciate that there are other website editing and design software and programs available. Although these may be cheaper on the pocket, they may not meet the requirements you may have with regard to the development of your website. It is for this reason that we have only listed above the software and programs which would in all probability meet your website editing and design requirements.

For persons who have an understanding of the various source code languages, like html and cascade style sheets, php amongst others may even utilize the text document (or notepad) which come built into the operating system of their computer. Such persons may as well be at the cutting edge of website development and design; and would be into innovation and invention for the improvement of the virtual world (also called the world wide web or the internet).

A personal note: I have been using Microsoft programs based on the Windows operating system like Word, Excel, Access, amongst other programs provided by them for many years now. Mainly due to my comfort is using these programs, I initially selected the Microsoft FrontPage program for this important task of website editing and design; and more recently have been utilizing the Microsoft Expression Web 2 for this task.

Frankly, as long as you are comfortable using the Microsoft Word program, learning this new program (that is Expression Web 2) is quite easy. However, the software you finally decide to purchase would be dependent on the website project you have in mind, its objective and the range of software support you would be required to have at hand to complete the task efficiently.