Narach Website Development and Design


It would be of utmost importance to the website owner (who would ideally also be the webmaster) to created and launch through his website high quality original content; the benefits of which would be to firstly build a formidable web presence or profile for himself, secondly to draw traffic to his website and thirdly to probably build a data base of clients through the services available at e-commerce sites.

This 'high quality original content', is a misunderstood phase; resulting in most potential website owners to shy away from the task of setting up a website. You would appreciate that there are books written on most subjects and topics known to mankind; while not forgetting the views and measured opinions expressed in their regard by various experts. Therefore, we can safely conclude that, whatever be the subject or topic you choose for your website, there would already be a resource available for it. This may be in the form of a book, a review or opinion or a website which already exists. This said, the potential website owner or webmaster must appreciate that this high quality original content he is required to create, would be his own unique presentation and interpretation of the subject or topic which he would put forth through his website; and would definitely not be a cut and paste from an already existing resource on the web.

You must appreciate that, while writing for your website it would be the visitors who would come first through the content you present to them; followed by the search engines whom you would address through the head section of the source code (that is the html) of your website with the title, keywords and description meta tags; and lastly would come you. So, in a sense it would be service before self on your part.

The website would be addressed to the visitors; who are seeking the information being presented on your website and its various webpages. You objective would be to catch the interest of the visitors within the first few seconds of their visit; so that they stays on your website for longer and read the content further. After which they may move on to other webpages of your website or visit the other web resources you may have made available at and through your website or move on to other websites on the internet. This may be relatively easy to achieve, as long as you as the content creator and editor of your website were to construct the structure of the website with the visitor in view with an emphasis on ease of navigation; and give due emphasis to the originality of the content and its presentation. Knowing full well that, the content on your website and its webpages would have a start or introduction then the body and then the end or conclusion. Due care should also be taken with regard to grammar, and to do a spell check every time would be quite in order. This would only go to show the visitors that you mean business with regards to not only your website but also the content provided therein.

Listed below are a few steps you may follow while creating the content for your website:

The title of your website: Should be of a style and fashion which is appropriate for the content and topic of your website or webpage; while logically also being relevant to the visitors of your website. The title, along with the meta keywords tag and meta description tag would enable search engines to index your website suitably in their search results or SERPs.

What would the visitors of your website want to read: This should be relatively easy for you with the knowledge and understanding you have of the subject matter or topic of your website. Here you would present probable resolutions to queries or questions the visitors may have in mind with regard to the subject or topic; while you would be the expert providing the same through your website.

Importance of the introduction, the first line and the first paragraph: The introduction which is the prefix to the main content of your website should be written in a fashion as to catch the interest of the visitors. Given the speed with which nitizens surf the net or the World Wide Web; it is probably title of your website, the first line of your website or at best the first paragraph which has to catch the interest of your website visitors to ensure that they spend more time on your website and linked webpages.

The main content: Comprising of the remaining paragraphs of your website not including the conclusion should be in conformity with the subject or topic being discussed therein. Of course, you could give examples to elaborate and bring home a point to the visitors. And at all times avoid the temptation to digress from the subject matter or topic.

The main content would flow into the conclusion: Which is also the suffix to the main content of your website; which is expected not to be the end, but the reason for the visitors to look further into the other webpages of your website to study other matters (allied subjects or topics) to gain a better understanding of the subject or topic presented on your website.

Amongst the best ways to write for a website: Is to, write it, as you would speak it; to a point this is reality as you are in a sense of the phase 'speaking to your audience (the visitors to your website)'. This would also ensure that you are yourself comfortable in your writing style and ways of expression; and by extension a reaffirmation of your web presence and profile you are creating for yourself alongside. It may be a good idea to avoid slang words and words which may be understood locally at your geographical location; as your website which would probably be a dot com would have a global audience which may not understand the relevance of either the slang or the local words or language which you may think are relevant to the context.