Narach Website Development and Design


The main reason for the publication of this part of the website is to make you (the reader) aware of the World Wide Web and how to develop, design and manage your very own website.

We expect that after studying the material and resources which would be provided through the various web pages of our website in due course, you would be more aware and better prepared with respect to your plans with regard to the development of your web presence and decisions you would take in this regard.

The first step in this endeavor would be for you to decide upon the subject matter and topic of your website; and would comprise of the content you create initially and add to subsequently. This in itself would have a direct bearing on the website design you would implement subsequently. The subject matter and the topic would flow directly from the objective or the goal of the website you are creating.

It may be of some interest to discuss this project you have in mind with family and friends who may be able to constructively contribute towards this endeavor on your part. Then you may consider thinking and documenting with pen and paper what exactly you wish to achieve through the launch of this website, what exactly you want to tell the visitors to your website; and work your way through to a plan you would implement to ensure a higher probability of success for your website.

To ensure and enable a certain level of authority for your website, it would be prudent to stay close to a subject and related topic(s) which you have knowledge and understanding of and are able to express a measured views and opinions on its various aspects. With a website focused on a specific subject or topic you would have an advantage over the rest (other websites) as far as the subsequent search engine results are concerned; as you would have implemented appropriate keywords to enable this.

At various stages in the development of your website and web presence, you may have occasion to modify your goals and objectives. However, in all this you main focus would be to provide high quality original content in the selected subject and related topics to the visitors of your website; and also ensure that the html coding you implement is search engine friendly to enable an early inclusion of your website and its various webpages in the indexes of the leading search engines.

A personal note: It was a few years ago that I had achieved a certain level of excellence in my work and had even given a couple of guest lectures in my area of specialization at leading management institutes. This was a good place to be by any standard; but, I had time on my hands and needed an avenue of endeavor to better utilize it.

While looking for new ideas and frankly at a loss; it was during a morning walk with a friend that right out of the blue he suggested that, as I spend quite a lot of time in front of the computer that I should do something allied to the computer. This of course got me thinking, and while I was searching the world wide web and reading through a couple of related websites that the idea dawned on me that I too could have a website of my own.

About what was the easier part, as I decided that I would create a website on my own area of expertise; Investment Management. Some of the content was already available on my desktop as it was the transcript of the guest lecture I had given a few years ago. I also realized that I could make the website grow as there would be more I would write along the way. A year later I launched a website on Hindu Philosophy stating with the Mimansa working its way through Hindu philosophy and religion followed by the Bhagavad Gita. The next step would be to launch the Mystery of the Mahabharata is due course of time. After all, this website is one amongst three and each would require attention from time to time and as it is a hobby it does take time; but, it would be fair to say that all my websites are works in motion (or progress if you prefer).

The following year I launched a third website, mostly out of over confidence that I could handle more websites. But, given the busy work schedule I maintain with regard to my work in investment management; it has been a trying task to maintain this hobby in website development and design; and this third website was till now stated to be the holding website with links to all the webpages I would develop for my websites on investment management and philosophy.

Keeping the objective and intention of my website in perspective; the following topics would be brought to you (the reader) here. Of course, the topics would be linked through to the related webpages after they has been created. Although, the material may be basic; but it would provide a guide to the discerning to help them develop their own website. A personal note may be provided on occasion to explain the problems I may have come across, and how I was able to resolve them.