Narach Philosophy


From the theory of Astrology it is easy to pass on to the theory of Medicine. Indeed, the two are often regarded as inter-connected, and the planets are believed to have as much influence on health as on life.

Taking Man as the best representative of the Viviparous, we have shown that different parts of the human body correspond to the different planets, and pointed out that all equilibrium is maintained by the attraction or juxtaposition of positive and negative or Purushic and Prakrtic particles. When this is disturbed, there is disease; and when the current of life is broken, there is death. In this connection we have observed that this disturbance or break takes place either in Ether or the element "Earth". Hence these are the two places of disease or death, related to breathing in and out, for it is in Ether that they meet as downward and upward, or positive and negative, currents of life; and Food, ending in Germs.

Two Kinds of Disease: Disease of the viviparous is, therefore, of two kinds, related to (1) breathing in and breathing out, and (2) Food, ending in the element "Earth" or Germs.

Disease of Breathing: The disease of breathing in implies an excess of the in-coming breath or the descending or Purushic current of life, and is due to an abnormal activity of the Heart, Buddhi, Mind, and Purushic Ether. The disease of breathing out implies an excess of the outgoing breath or the ascending or Prakrtic current of life, and arises from an abnormal activity of the Prakrtic aspect of Ether and the four elements; that is, excess of motion from place to place (Prakrtic Ether), excess of action (Air), or unhealthy Food (Fire, Water, and "Earth").

Germs and Disease: As Germs are identified with the element "Earth", they must be found in all kinds of human Food; but they are healthy so long as they remain in a state of integrated "Earth"; and cause disease and death of the viviparous in their second stage of development, when "Earth" disintegrates.

Again, it has been pointed out that Germs become active in disintegrated or foul air; and as Air is connected with breath, touch, and skin, this means that they would attack the viviparous through breathing, exposure to foul air, or contact with unhealthy skin.

From this it follows that certain diseases of the Heart, mental diseases, or diseases of motion or action are not in themselves characterised by germs; but inasmuch as the whole body is linked to food by means of the vital airs, and germs may attack through breathing and contact with skin, even these diseases may have, if not primary, subsidiary germs. But where a Heart or mental disease, or a disease of motion or action is not accompanied by a disease of food, foul air or skin affection, it cannot have any germs.

As all food is connected with breath and is swallowed by Prana, breath is associated with germs and their diseases.

Theory of the Cure of Disease: The theory of the cure of disease follows the line of thought outlined in these pages. We have already referred to the two categories of energies, Purushic and Prakrtic, or "like" and "unlikes", and shown that the former repel and the latter attract. Further, we know that all manifestation is from a higher to a lower energy; hence the higher controls the lower. From these two principles we should be able to construct a theory of the cure of disease.

Diseases are of two principal kinds, (1) of Ether or breathing in and out, and (2) Food or Germs; and they can be repelled by "like" energies, especially those higher in the scale of creation. In this connection we have already observed that the order of creation is from Buddhi to "Earth", and the reverse of it is the order of destruction. Accordingly, if we arrange the integrated and disintegrated energies one after another in order, we shall get from them a complete set of "likes" and "unlikes". Thus we have:

Integrated: Buddhi, Mind, Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and "Earth", and

Disintegrated: "Earth", Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind, and Buddhi

As equilibrium is maintained by "like" and "unlike" energies being placed side by side, the odd and even numbers are respectively "like" and "unlike". Thus we get:

Like energies, Purushic:

Integrated: Buddhi, Ether, Fire, "Earth", and

Disintegrated: Water, Air. Mind; and

Like energies, Prakrtic:

Integrated: Mind, Air, Water; and

Disintegrated: "Earth", Fire, Ether, Buddhi

In this connection we have observed that Purushic and Prakrtic energies are "unlike", and would attract one another; but in their own categories Purushic energies would repel Purushic, and Prakrtic repel Prakrtic energies. This attraction and repulsion would vary with the difference separating them; for instance, among the Purushic group integrated "Earth" will repel disintegrated Water most; and in the Prakrtic group integrated Water will repel most disintegrated "Earth". For the same reason the greatest attraction lies between integrated and disintegrated "Earth".

Now let us take Germs and the diseases caused by them. They are identified with the element "Earth" and contribute to health in their first stage; and it is only when "Earth" begins to disintegrate that they cause disease; and when this disintegration is complete the viviparous and Purushic oviparous die.

Water Cure: We have already observed that integrated Water is most "like" disintegrated "Earth", and would repel it best; accordingly diseases of germs are cured best by means of fresh and pure Water. This would explain why, in the Vedas Waters are said to hold all medicines, and have in them all balms that heal.

Diseases of Food: We have said that all disease may be cured in two ways, (1) by the repulsion of "likes", and (2) by the control of a lower by a higher energy. As Food consists of three elements, Fire, Water, and "Earth", the disease of each constituent element will be cured by its "like" of these we have dealt with "Earth" or Germs, and shown that their disease is best cured by fresh Water, If the Water constituent of food disintegrates, its cure lies in integrated or fresh "Earth" or healthy germs and its "likes"; and if its Fire constituent disintegrates, the cure is disintegrated "Earth", or the continuance of germs in their second stage of development; and these, in their turn, are cured by fresh Water. Thus Water is the best cure for disease of food; and the continuance of slightly unhealthy germs is not necessarily an unfavourable sign, for they repel the attack of the disintegrating Fire Constituent of food, the worst cause of the disease.

Further as the higher energy controls the lower, diseases of Food, belonging to Fire-class, are controlled by the energies above Fire, viz., pure air, breathing exercises, work with hands (Air); or, if that fails, motion from place to place (Prakrtic Ether); or, if that does not succeed, rest or elliptical motion (Purushic Ether) The last, in its turn, is controlled by the action of Mind (thinking) of Buddhi (meditation).

Disease of Breathing: The same law would apply to diseases of breathing in and breathing out. The former, related to abnormal mental activity, is cured by the repelling force of like energies, and the transformation of the higher into the lower. Thus the derangement of Buddhi, Mind, and Purushic Ether (excess of rest, elliptical motion, sedentary habits) is cured by motion from place to place (walking, running, related to Prakrtic Ether), fresh air, work with hands (Air), and Food (Fire, Water, and "Earth").

Diseases of the outgoing breath, being Prakrtic in character, are related to the ascending current of life, starting from Prakrtic Ether and ending in the element "Earth". Generally speaking they are, therefore, associated with food, and characterised by germs, and have to be treated accordingly. They can also be controlled by means of the Purushic current of life, that is, breathing in (deep breathing exercises, or Pranayama), rest (elliptical motion, Purushic Ether), thinking (Mind), and meditation (Buddhi).

Disease of the Heart: Whether the Heart, the supreme unmanifest energy of life, be regarded as Purushic or Prakrtic, it cannot be denied that it is characterised by electric or super-electric energy. Its diseases would best be cured by its like, viz. (The Mind which too as has already been pointed out is characterised by electric energy). Electric treatment would, therefore, be helpful in some cases of heart disease. Further, as will be shown subsequently, Soma, the Moon-god, represents Mind-energy; and Soma is conceived as wine, par excellence. Wine would, accordingly, be another remedy for some diseases of the heart. Similarly, the metal Silver symbolizes the Moon or Mind and some cure for heart troubles would be found in preparations of silver. In the same way Diamond (Vajra, lightning) is conceived as an electric or a super- electric energy, and would provide a remedy. All these would serve in cases of heart disease; but a healthy heart would be repelled or hurt by them.

We have, in this discussion regarded the Heart as Prakrtic, like the Mind; but it has already been pointed out that the Heart energy is often identified with Buddhi, which is spoken of as Purushic. This implies that the Heart has certain Purushic and certain Prakrtic characteristics; and, in its first manifestation as Buddhi, is undoubtedly Purushic. Thus, when the Heart energy is identified with Buddhi, that is, in its first stage of manifestation, its disease will be cured by its like, viz. Buddhi energy; and it will be attracted or aggravated by its unlike, viz. Mind energy electric treatment, wine, silver, diamond etc. Its remedy at that stage is to be found in Buddhi energy, and its counterparts, Heat, sunlight, gold. Thus, in its original state or rest, diseases of the Heart will be cured by electric treatment, wine, silver etc.; but in the first stage of manifestation, as Buddhi, its diseases will be cured by Suns treatment, gold etc.

Diseases of Lungs: The lungs are the organs of breathing; and it has already been pointed out that the one near the Heart is Purushic, and the other Prakrtic similarly, breathing in is Purushic and breathing out Prakrtic. Diseases of the lungs are, therefore, analogous to those of the Heart. At one stage of lung affection health can be restored by the Mind treatment, viz. electric treatment, etc; but at another stage the cure is to be found in Sun treatment, gold, etc.

In this connection we have to remember that breath is also related to the element Air and food. Lung diseases are, therefore, characterised by germs, and may be cured in the way already described. Where the trouble is due to air only, it may be cured by its like, viz., fresh Air; or by a like energy higher in the scale, viz., rest (Purushic Ether), or Mind-treatment, etc.

Music as Cure for Disease: As all sound is produced in Ether, music is a remedy for diseases where Purushic or Prakrtic Ether would serve; and inasmuch as these aspects of Ether come into every form of life, different notes of music would provide remedies for different kinds of disease; for where Purushic Ether attracts, Prakrtic Ether would repel, and vice versa.

In this connection it has been observed that all germs perish in disintegrated Purushic Ether; accordingly certain notes of music are destructive of germs. But as disintegrated Prakrtic Ether serves as food for germs, certain other notes, produced in that region of the element, would aggravate their attack.

Milk and Milk Products: As will subsequently be shown, the Cow (Gou) and all that is connected with it, is related to Ether, Purushic or Prakrtic. Thus milk is Purushic; and curd, butter, ghee, and all milk products where the original substance is changed into another, would be Prakrtic. Accordingly milk and its products will provide cure for disease in the same manner as notes of music; where milk harms, curd etc, will help; and milk keeps the activity and growth of germs in control.

Again, since milk and certain notes of music are "like" each other, where one fails the other will succeed.

Eggs: The same observations apply to eggs, though with less force. They are related to Purushic and Prakrtic Ether, and partake of other elements too; but in so far as they partake of Ether, they act in the same manner as milk and its products.

Metals: Metals are atoms; and as atom is related to Ether, so are metals. Accordingly metals have properties of their element in respect of curing disease.

Silver: As Silver represents Mind energy, it would serve in affections of a "like" character; that is, of the Heart, Mind, Air, and Water; in other words it is useful in diseases of the Heart and Mind, and would help in diseases of the skin, germ affections resulting from contact or breathing (Air), diseases of the tongue as a sense of taste, and diseases of the organ of creation (venereal diseases, etc.).

Gold: As Gold represents Buddhi energy, it would serve in diseases of a "like" character; that is, of Buddhi (and Heart where it may be identified with Buddhi), Ether, Fire and "Earth". Accordingly it would help in cases of brain disease, some kinds of heart disease, and lung affection (breath associated with the head), obstruction or paralysis of motion (Ether), obstruction or paralysis of speech, eye diseases (Fire), and diseases of the organ of excretion or germs ("Earth").

Diamond: Diamond, according to the ancients, was believed to be an electric or super-electric energy, symbolic of the Heart. The Sanskrt word for Diamond is Vajra lightning, which usually signifies energy of the Heart. Diamond, accordingly, would serve in cases of disease of the heart and its "likes", and work in the same manner as Silver.

But as the Heart is unmanifest and the Diamond manifest, the latter can represent Heart-energy only in its manifest form, that is, where it can be identified with Buddhi or the energy of the head. In this case Diamond will act in the same manner as Gold.

Snake Poison: The test of this theory must lie in actual cases of disease; and it may be of interest to apply it to cases of snake poison, often referred to in the sacred works of the Hindus.

The poison of the snake lies in its mouth or head; and that, as has already been shown in the case of the universal Serpent, is Prakrtic; and Venus, representing Water or Prakrti occupies in it the foremost place. Snake poison therefore, is a deadly activity of Prakrti and its cure is to be found in the same way as in the case of other diseases.

In this connection we may note that as the Golden Egg is transformed into the Buddhi-snake, and that into the Mind-snake; and again, as the snake is Oviparous, that is, born of Ether, which is of two kinds, there are four main kinds of snakes, (1) Buddhi-snake, (2) Mind-snake, (3) Purushic Ether snake, and (4) Prakrtic Ether snake. Of these the first and third, being Purushic, are non-poisonous; while the second and fourth, being Prakrtic, are poisonous.

The Mind-snake: The poison of this snake is characterised by deadly electric or Mind-energy, and affects and arrests the functions of all "like" energies; that is, (1) Heart, (like the Mind,) (2) Mind, (3) Air, and (4) Water; hence one suffering from this snake poison would show the following symptoms:

  1. Heart: The Heart faints and the patient loses consciousness, its chief characteristic. As the Heart is related to breathing, the latter is affected and becomes difficult. As Heart-energy may be identified with Buddhi, that is affected too.
  2. Mind: The Mind ceases to function, and with it the senses of Knowledge and Action, into which it is transformed.
  3. Air: The lungs or air-organs are affected; the skin loses its freshness and colour, and the arms are paralyzed.
  4. Water: The tongue and the organ of creation are the patient salivates, and either passes all.

The Cure: The cure for this snake poison is to be found in diamond (Heart-energy), and electric energy, silver, and wine (Mind-energy), and for reasons already explained.

Prakrtic Ether Snake: The poison of this snake is characterised by deadly magnetic energy (Ether), and arrests the functions of "like" energies, viz. (1) Buddhi, (2) Ether, (3) Fire, and (4) "Earth". The victim accordingly shows the following symptoms:

  1. Buddhi: The head is affected; and, as it is often identified with Heart-energy, that faints too, but not so fast as in the case of the Mind-snake poison. As breath or Air is connected with the Buddhi-energy, breathing becomes difficult.
  2. Ether: All senses of Knowledge and Action become paralyzed; but the patient does not lose consciousness to the same extent as in the case of the Mind-snake poison. The face (containing the senses) and throat are affected also.
  3. Fire The sense of sight (Eyes) is paralyzed. As blood, speech, and digestive organs are related to Fire, the patient bleeds and vomits, and cannot speak.
  4. "Earth": The organ of excretion gets deranged and passes matter.

The Cure: The cure for this poison is to be found in the same way as before, in Gold (Buddhi-energy), some metals, music, ghee or clarified butter, all of which represent Prakrtic Ether.

Diseases of other kinds of Creatures: We have so far considered the diseases of the viviparous only; but the same line of thought will apply to other orders of creatures as well, and a reference to the Table of Life and Death will indicate both the cause and cure of disease in their case as in that of the viviparous.

It is possible to extend this line of thought; but it is as likely to lead to error as to truth, unless the conclusions are checked and verified by actual facts. It might, however, be remembered that the idea itself is based on observation and experiment; only the conclusions have been generalized into one single theory or law. If some of them are found to be incorrect, it does not follow that the whole system of thought is erroneous; it may be that the inferences have been hastily drawn.