Narach Philosophy


Yudhisthira then called Arjuna, and, imparting to him the knowledge he had received from Vyasa bade him go towards the north and seek the celestial weapons of Indra. Arjuna, bidding farewell to all, and taking up his beautiful bow, started for the Himalayas and reached the sacred mountains in one day. There he saw Indra in the garb of a great ascetic, and begged his weapons of him. But Indra replied that he would bestow his weapons on him only after he had met Siva, the lord of all creatures.

Siva and Arjuna: Then Mahadeva, knowing what Arjuna desired, and wishing to help him, assumed the form of a hunter, and came where that hero was. There also came a Danava, named Muka, who, assuming the form of a boar, intended to kill Arjuna. Then both Mahadeva and Arjuna shot their arrows at the same time, which fell like lightning or thunder on a mountain, and killed the boar; and each claimed the deed as his own. Thereupon both of them became angry and engaged in a fearful fight, and Sankara bore all the arrows of Arjuna with a cheerful heart. When Arjuna had exhausted all his arrows without wounding him, the two engaged in hand-to-hand fight, in which the great God deprived Arjuna of his consciousness. When he recovered consciousness, he recognized Mahadeva in the form of a hunter; and Siva, gratified with his deed, and recognizing his powers as almost equal to his own, bestowed on him an irresistible weapon. Then Arjuna, bowing low, adored the blue-throated God as the creator of the universe; as Siva in the form of Vishnu, and Vishnu in the form of Siva; as the foremost Purusha and sublimest Hara; and sought his forgiveness for fighting with him. Then Sankara embraced him and blessed him; and Arjuna, for a boon, asked for his Brahmasira weapon, by which he could fight with Bhishma, Drona, Krpa and Karna; and Mahadeva bestowed on him his Pasupata weapon, which no one, man or god, could resist, and taught him the art of hurling and withdrawing it. Then he gave him that great bow, called Gandiva, and, commanding him to go to heaven, disappeared.

The Gifts of the Gods: Then there came to see Arjuna Varuna, the lord of waters; Kuvera, the lord of wealth, accompanied by numberless Yakshas; and Yama, the god of justice and destroyer of the worlds; and there also came Indra, with his queen. Then Yama gave him a mace; Varuna his noose; Kuvera his celestial vision and the weapon Antardhana; and Indra his celestial weapons. After the lords of the regions had disappeared, Arjuna ascended the car sent by Indra, and came to his city Amaravati.

In the City of Indra: Citrasena and Urvasi: Arjuna lived in the city of Indra for five years, and there learnt from Citrasena vocal and instrumental music and dancing.

There Urvasi, at the command of Indra, approached him, in order to teach him the art of mixing with women; but Arjuna worshipped her as the mother of the Puru race, whereupon she cursed him, saying that he should have to live among women, deprived of all manhood.