Narach Philosophy



As is the Cell, so is the Universe.
One Life, one Law, one Lord, one only Love,
And Sun and Moon and stars and planets move
But from one source, in many paths diverse.

Alone He was in consciousness of Soul;
He longed for life, then rose within His heart
An image of Himself, in Woman's part,
And world on world did from His bosom roll.

The One is changed to many, and they dwell,
in Him Soul, Reason, Ego, Senses, Mind,
In wondrous harmony of thought and deed.
The root of fruit and flower is in the Seed;

Of Life to Love's mysterious Law's assigned;
The mighty Universe is in the Cell.


Five are the great creative energies,
The Soul, and Reason, Mind, and Senses twain
Of Knowledge and of Action; they sustain
This world of life on earth and sky and seas.

Five are the subtle elements and gross,
Ether, and Air, and Fire, and Water, Earth,
Where sound, touch, sight, and taste and smell have birth,
And all material objects they enclose.

And Senses five by which we act and know,
The nose, and tongue, and eye, and skin and ear
And feet and hands, and tongue that speaketh free,
Creative and excretive organs low.

Fivefold in form is all of life we see,
And God and Nature at two ends appear.


Who knows who knows? We seek and strive and sigh
Within a world of sorrow and unrest;
"Not this not this", and wander in our quest
And there's no peace nor pleasure till we die.

Then in a cycle of a newer birth
We reap the endless harvest of our deeds,
And life on death, and death on life succeeds,
A weary heart, an agony of earth!

"Renounce all actions", bids the hoary sage,
"The bond of life and death, and be thou free
In perfect knowledge of a stainless Soul!"
But life must end if actions cease to be,

And perish all its glorious heritage,
And instant Death, not Knowledge, be our goal.


We needs must act to live, and Sacrifice
Is purest action, born of self control,
With good of every creature for its goal,
Breaking the bonds of action ere they rise.

And Goodness leads to God, whose law divine
Creates, supports, renews this world of life,
Through love of sire and son, and man and wife,
And light of Sun and Moon and Stars benign.

All forms of life His essence but reveal,
All forms of thought His wondrous might survey,
And in each faith's the image of His Truth.
Each word an echo of His glory's peal,

Each breath the whisper of His love and truth,
And in each Soul He is himself at play.


The Soul and God are one the vital Seed,
The Food, an image of the world; and Breath,
The link between the twain; and life and death
But hold or part the chain of thought and deed.

And so we live and grow and die; the Soul,
Departing goes, according to its place,
To God's own home, or Sun, or Moon, a space,
And then returns, in newer life made whole.

In lightning clothed, in thunder, and in rain,
Yet once again descends he to this earth,
In branch and root, and flower and fruit renewed,
In Food enshrined and vital power again,

Through love of man and woman, takes his birth,
With all his ancient powers again endued.


So endless draws the chain of death and life,
In mystery veiled at both the source and end.
But Man attempts the Truth to comprehend,
And mark the limit of his earthly strife.

And so he weaves the systems of his thought,
With God and Nature and the human Soul,
With Knowledge or with Action for his goal,
Embracing all that is or that is not.

So many forms of faiths and creeds arise,
With golden temple and majestic dome,
And rites of music and the sacred fire.
Vishnu, or Siva, or Brahma each descries

His only God, enshrined in church or home;
Yet all are one, in all their forms entire!


This is the secret of the ancient lore,
The bond of learning with the truth of Life,
Love, war, adventure, sorrow, joy and strife,
Where doth Imagination proudly soar,

On wings of heavenly thought and poesy,
O'er Fiction's dewy, rainbow coloured dome,
To ethereal regions and the star-lit home,
The threshold of divine Philosophy.

Religion and Romance of Science, Art,
In pictured page of thought and word and deed,
That casts on every soul its magic spell,
And knows the trinity of every heart,

Within the tree its sovereign sap and seed,
And all the Universe within the Cell!