Narach Philosophy


One day, when Arjuna and Krshna were sporting on the banks of the Yamuna, the god Agni, in the guise of a Brahmana, appeared before them, and requested them to burn the Khandava forest for his sake. Arjuna agreed on condition that Agni would supply him with a suitable bow, an inexhaustible quiver of arrows, horses of pure white, and a car possessing the splendour of the Sun.

Agni then called upon Varuna, who gave. Gandiva, the bow created by Brahma, and two inexhaustible quivers; and also the monkey-bannered chariot obtained from king Soma, to which were yoked steeds white as silver or the fleecy clouds, and they had the speed of the wind or the mind. Then Agni gave Krshna a discus, and Varuna gave him a club, Kaumodaki; and while Agni blazed and burnt up the forest, Arjuna and Krshna fought with Indra who poured down his showers to quench the fire. But Indra was no match for the heroes, and retired; and Agni was filled with joy at the burning of the forest. Then the Asura Maya, with Asvasena and four Sarngakas, issued from the forest; and, finding no means of escape, they sought the protection of Arjuna, who spared their life.