Narach Investment


There are a large number of investment instruments available today. To make our lives easier we would classify or group them under 4 main types of investment avenues. We shall name and briefly describe them.

1. Financial securities: These investment instruments are freely tradable and negotiable. These would include equity shares, preference shares, convertible debentures, non-convertible debentures, public sector bonds, savings certificates, gilt-edged securities and money market securities.

2. Non-securitized financial securities: These investment instruments are not tradable, transferable nor negotiable. And would include bank deposits, post office deposits, company fixed deposits, provident fund schemes, national savings schemes and life insurance.

3. Mutual fund schemes: If an investor does not directly want to invest in the markets, he/she could buy units/shares in a mutual fund scheme. These schemes are mainly growth (or equity) oriented, income (or debt) oriented or balanced (i.e. both growth and debt) schemes.

4. Real assets: Real assets are physical investments, which would include real estate, gold & silver, precious stones, rare coins & stamps and art objects.

Before choosing the avenue for investment the investor would probably want to evaluate and compare them. This would also help him in creating a well diversified portfolio, which is both maintainable and manageable.