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The main reason for the publication of this website, is to make you (the reader) aware of the investment world and how to manage your way around it. Investment Management on the one hand requires an analysis of the investment instruments available to the investor through the various investment grade asset classes on the one hand (this is called investment analysis) and the management of the portfolio comprising these investment instruments on the other (this is called portfolio management). Occasionally, it is also referred to as Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management.

Investment management is considered by some to be a science while others consider it an art. Of course, the remainder consider it both a science and an art. Academia has much fascination for the subject and has addressed investment management and its many parts from various points of view; and published thousands of books over the years. Others more enterprising have started providing ebooks as well. Despite this abundance of books it is but a few writer and authors who may be considered authority on the subject matter; the remaining authors would find their rightful place with regard to the specific aspect of investment management they may choose to address.

Our website addresses Investment Management in general and it’s various parts in particular which are relevant to the discerning investors seeking excellence in matters of their investments. While starting with an introduction to investment management, we take you forward through the five questions of investment management (which are indeed relevant to any endeavour you may choose to pursue). Then we work our way through the investment management process, an understanding of the investment environment and active asset allocation (which on occasion is called asset management). Thereafter we take you through investment management and the nuances of trading in the stock market, while addressing various factors (both fundamental and technical) which would otherwise influence the overall performance of the portfolio under management. Then there is risk management and investment capital management (which on occasion is called capital management). Thereafter, we address real estate investing followed by the role of options and futures and its various parts. We have briefly addressed forex trading and its relevance to present day investing. We have also provided webpages on other topics of interest.

Our website is a resource and reference with regard to Investment Management and its parts of investment analysis and portfolio management. We have provided links to all webpages addressing the various parts of investment management on the homepage itself, the same is also available on the sitemap. Thus, the readers (expectedly the discerning investors) have the choice of visiting various topics of interest directly via the table of content provided below; or read the subject matter in the sequence provided through the links on the various webpages starting with an introduction to investment management.

The benefit you may expect after reading through our website and its various webpages are:

  1. You would gain a better understanding of investment management and its parts encompassing investment analysis and portfolio management.
  2. To identify investment instruments for onward investment; which would be in conformity with your investment objectives and in-line with your investment plan.
  3. To be able to better manage your investment capital and minimize the risk associated with investments in various investment instruments.

For investors who may already have a reasonable understanding of investment management and its nuances, the website is expected to provide a reference to better enable their investment plan to achieve their investment objectives within the timeframe they may have decided upon earlier. Authority writers and authors on the subject who may visit our website may find it invigorating on the one hand and probably amusing on occasion. On the whole we attempt to address real-time issues investors may otherwise be faced with while addressing matters regarding their investments.


Introduction Estimation of the Intrinsic Value of a Stock Option Styles, Class and Series
The 5 Questions Technical analysis: Stock Prices and Moving Averages Option Concepts
Why to Invest? Technical analysis: Stock Prices and the Fibonacci Studies Pricing of Options
What to Invest? Technical analysis: Stock Prices and the Elliott Wave Determining Options Premium and the Greeks
Where to Invest? Technical analysis: Stock Prices and Momentum Indicators Options Pricing Models
When to Invest? Margin of Safety Options Trading Strategies in a Bull Market
How to Invest? The Time Value of Money Options Trading Strategies in a Bear Market
Investment Management Process Investment Management and Inflation Options Trading Strategies in a Volatile Market
Setting the Investment Objective Investment Management and the First Trade Options Trading Strategies in a Stable Market
Establishing Investment Policy Investment Management and the First Position Options, Futures and learning from the Stock Market
Selecting the Portfolio Strategy Investment Management and News Flow Integration National Stock Exchange, India: Futures & Options List
Selecting the Assets Investment Management Market Failures and Business Cycles Investment World and Reflections
Measuring and Evaluating Performance Stock Market Investment Rules Investment Management and Forex Trading
Investment Environment Stock Market Investment Strategies Forex Market: Similarities between Stock and Currency Trading
Introduction to the Investment Environment Stock Market Investment Plan Forex Market: Differences between Stock and Currency Trading
Investment Avenues Stock Market Crash of 2008 and Beyond Online Forex Trading
Investment Attributes Investment Management and Stock Market Simulation Creating a Business Strategy
Comparison of Investment Avenues Investment Management and Investor Preparation Checklist for starting a Business
Investment Decision Making: Approaches Psychology of the Successful Investor Formation of an Investment Club
Common Errors in Investment Management Qualities of the Successful Investor Investment Management and ISO 9000 Registration
Investment and Speculation Risk and Return Small Business Investments
Investment Wisdom The Capital Asset Pricing Model Venture Capital and Negotiation Issues
Securities Market The Arbitrage Pricing Theory Entrepreneurial and Managerial Finance
Understanding Investment Banks Market Efficiency Ways to Guarantee Financial Independence
The Broker Etrade and the Three-In-One Account Ideas for Small Business Success
Cycle Programs and Ponzi Schemes Risk Control and Investment Capital Management Securing a Bad Credit Mortgage Loan
Active Asset Allocation National Stock Exchange, India: The Nifty List Applying for a Business Loan
Introduction to Asset Allocation Investment Management and Mutual Funds The concept of Wealth: Are you Wealthy?
Asset Allocation Classes Investment Management and Annuity Avoid Home Business Failure
Tactical Asset Allocation Investment Management and Real Estate Building Wealth in Real Estate
Management of Asset Allocation Real Estate and Home Loan Secrets Credit Card Processing and Transaction Surcharge
Selecting an Asset Management Team Real Estate Investment Success Exploring Six Sigma Myths
Asset Allocation Process Real Estate Investment Financing Factoring Finance: Business Growth without Debt
The Portfolio Upgrade Role of Options and Futures Offer 30 Day Credit the Right Way
Using Futures in Asset Allocation What are Options? The Links Page
Investment Management and Trading in the Stock Market Types of Options